Got your nose!

A online diary made by an unstable person that has little idea on how to code who also likes dead memes and also you don't get an introductory paragraph of me introducing myself I'm too lazy for that shit.


I have this massive bump on my arm that hurts when you touch it and it's just been getting worse as the days go by, I mean like it's been getting bigger and redder and shit, I've been planing on going to the doctors this week anyways so I guess I could talk about it when I get there.

I've heard of this story about some guy that got a bullet to the skull over some fish, I heard it happened close to where I live, who the fuck would kill a man over fish?

I've also heard somewhere on the news that kids are getting teased and bullied for reading books, like what the fuck?!?!!? It's just some words on some paper my dude, it's not harming you in any way, shape or form.

Do you ever feel like you're in the matrix or that you're on The Truman Show? Just an overall feeling sometimes that you're being watched or that reality isn't really reality?


Okay yeah I think I should tell a bit about the fish story, so it all started a late afternoon. Some guy (we will call him Steve) wanted to drive his boat on a lake but it turned out the lake was owned by a other guy (we will call him Bob) and he wasn't giving Steve permission to drive his boat on the lake, so they argue for a bit and Bob goes inside right? So instaid of going home or something like that Steve waits outside, and he waits and he waits and it's getting close to midnight right? And then Bob comes out with a FUCKING GUN and shoots Steve twice, once in the head killing him and once in the arm. It's simple to say Bob is in jail now.